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ODI: open data institute

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ODI offers courses, webinars and talks for those who are beginning to teach others about open data.

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ODI Train the Trainer programme

Trainer programme aims to enable you to become an ODI Registered Trainer. In doing so, you will learn to develop an understanding of open data principles and learn to create, deliver and evaluate high quality interactive training.
Ideal for those who are beginning to teach others about open data or those who have been doing it for sometime, the course will help you build your training skills and develop the way you teach open data in your specialist area.

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ODI Webinars and Courses

A variety of courses and webinars available upon registration. Some of them are free of charge. Main topics include: Data and responsibility, big data, data for business analytics, data in the public sector, data ecosystem mapping, sharing data, data skills, applying machine learning and AI techniques to data, data ethics

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