The SSH Training Discovery Toolkit provides an inventory of training materials relevant for the Social Sciences and Humanities.

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About the SSH Training Discovery Toolkit

The SSH Training Discovery Toolkit

The SSH Training Discovery Toolkit is a resource for researchers, service providers, data stewards, and trainers in the Social Sciences and Humanities, and provides a vast  inventory of educational materials across a range of topics including research data management, FAIR data, Open Science, programming and didactics.

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Who is the Toolkit for?

The Toolkit was developed primarily for trainers in the SSH domain, but it contains relevant resources for anyone interested in scientific training and learning materials. As well as SSH domain-specific training materials, the Toolkit also contains resources on domain-general topics, including for instance didactics, Open Science and Research Data Management.

What sources does the Toolkit use?

The Toolkit includes examples of training materials (items) from a variety of organisations, groups and projects.

What types of materials are included in the Toolkit?

The Toolkit offers stand-alone materials, e-learning modules, courses, and workshops, slides, videos, games, reports, and computational notebooks. 

What topics does the Toolkit cover?

As well as many resources related to Research Data Management and FAIR data, the Toolkit covers domain-general topics such as Open Science, and didactics, and  SSH-specific materials such as text encoding or survey data. Topics are tagged and a summary list of topics is provided.

Why was the Toolkit developed?

There are many great training resources out there and this Toolkit was developed to make these resources discoverable. By collecting standardised information and links to relevant training materials from SSHOC partners and beyond in one registry, we enable trainers in the SSH to find a variety of materials they can reuse to develop and improve their own training activities.

Who developed the Toolkit?

The Toolkit was developed and is curated by SSHOC project partners DANS, LIBER, CLARIN, UKDA, GESIS, UCL and OEAW.

Can I download the metadata of the Toolkit?

Yes! For each source and item, the metadata is provided in format on the page. You can also download all the items here and all the sources here.

How can I contribute to the Toolkit?

We are always happy to hear suggestions to improve the Toolkit. We also welcome suggestions of new materials that could be interesting for SSH trainers If you would like to report bugs or corrections or suggest additions to the Toolkit, please contact us through this form

Who can I contact for more information?

For more information contact