The SSH Training Discovery Toolkit provides an inventory of training materials relevant for the Social Sciences and Humanities.

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What information do we collect?

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How do we use this information?

The analytics information retrieved only helps in improving the website, or getting usage data at a very generic level. The login information is used to manage access to the admin site.

Will the SSH Training Discovery Toolkit share your personal details with anyone else?

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Copyright notice

License for content This website collects its content from various sources with different reuse policies. You can find information on sources on every item of our catalogue.

Contributors and Moderators of the SSH Training Discovery Toolkit enrich the metadata, add new information and links to it.

We are currently looking for the best licensing framework to support our model: we aim to ensure wide distribution and reuse of our data, and to avoid attribution stacking or license stacking, but we do consider attribution to be an essential information to be provided by data aggregators. This section of our website will be updated accordingly.