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FAIR from the perspective of the Humanities

Slides presented at the Applying the FAIR data principles in day-to-day library practice workshop at the LIBER2019 conference on 29.06.2019.

Concepts in data harmonisation
FAIR data management
Teaching an introductory workshop in digital preservation.

Adopting a “train the trainers” approach, this course will give an overview of an introductory two-day workshop: “First steps towards digital preservation”, offered by CESSDA Training.This training course targets digital curation professionals interested in conducting training on digital preservation in their own organisations.

Digital Preservation Essentials: Pre-ingest and Ingest Workshop

This course equips digital preservation professionals with a range of skills relating to various aspects of receiving, handling, and managing digital content. Participants will learn about key digital preservation concepts, how to prepare digital materials for preservation, to approach workflow development for digital preservation and will learn about current tools for working with digital materials.
 The course is structured around five core modules:
 1. Digital preservation concepts and workflows
 2. File format identification and characterisation
 3. Quick start to the command line
 4. Metadata and digital preservation
 5. Packaging digital materials for ingest or transfer

ODI Train the Trainer programme

Trainer programme aims to enable you to become an ODI Registered Trainer. In doing so, you will learn to develop an understanding of open data principles and learn to create, deliver and evaluate high quality interactive training.
Ideal for those who are beginning to teach others about open data or those who have been doing it for sometime, the course will help you build your training skills and develop the way you teach open data in your specialist area.

How to FAIR: a Danish website to guide researchers on making research data more FAIR

A website from the Danish National Forum for Research Data Management. Concept of research data management. Three fundamental concepts: the FAIR principles, FAIR data, and FAIRification practices. Presentation of FAIRification practices for research data, i.e. documentation, file formats, metadata, access to data, persistent identifiers, and data licences. To aid other research supporters and research data managers, the authors have copied over the entire content of their e-Learning website: to Zenodo record. Transcripts of all videos, and the text on each page and sub-page are available on Zenodo in the DOCX file for use in trainers own teaching materials. A copy of all images on the website, as well as alternate versions and file formats, are available in the ZIP file.

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The Carpentries Workshops

The Carpentries teaches in-person or online workshops around the world on the foundational skills to work effectively and reproducibly with data and code. Our certified volunteer Instructors are trained in pedagogy and focus on creating a motivating and engaging environment for learners. Our workshops are inclusive and hands-on, empowering students to learn new skills and build confidence in using them in their work.

Digital Preservation Coalition

As it plays a key role for the DPC to empower and develop their members’ workforces, this page provides access to different training resources that aim to provide beginners with the skills required to develop and implement simple digital preservation workflows within their organisation.

ODI: open data institute

ODI offers courses, webinars and talks for those who are beginning to teach others about open data.