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Data Skills Modules

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These introductory level interactive modules are designed for users who want to get to grips with key aspects of survey, longitudinal and aggregate data.

Modules can be conducted in your own time and you are able to dip in and out when needed. The modules give an introduction to key aspects of the data using short instructional videos, interactive quizzes and activities using open access software where possible.

Each module stands alone but those with little experience of surveys may find it useful to start with the Survey Data Module before moving on to the Longitudinal Data Module.

Modules include: Survey Data, Longitudinal Data, Aggregate Data

Learning outcome(s)

You will learn:

  • how to find survey data from the UK and around the world, what you need to know about it before you can start analysing it, and how to produce simple tables and graphs for your research or reports
  • what longitudinal studies are available, key features and issues with using longitudinal data and how to start some basic analyses
  • where to find survey data to explore crime and how to access it.
  • how to get started with survey data using R Studio including basic functions, exploratory analysis, visualisations and conducting weighted analyses.
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