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Belmont Forum e-Infrastructures & Data Management Toolkit

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This repository contains resources (links to training, policies, best practices, and other information) that enable Belmont Forum researchers to meet the Data Management expectations described in the Data and Digital Objects Management Plan, as well as a step-by-step guide to completing the DDOMP at the stages of pre-proposal, full proposal, and awarded projects. "Toolkit Training" video tutorials are available on YouTube for information about the material featured here and the structure of the site.

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"Toolkit Training" video tutorials

The video tutorials introduce basic topics on Data Management. Belmont Forum research teams can find training material that is appropriate for their project needs, as well as resources to improve efficiency, sustainability, and accessibility of data management.

Training Discovery Toolkit
Belmont Forum Data Management Plan Scorecard

This document is a resource developed for the Belmont Forum for evaluating formal Data Management Plans submitted by research teams who've been awarded Collaborative Research Action funding. The purpose and use of this Scorecard is three-fold: as an evaluation tool to quantitatively assess full proposal DMP responses to questions drawn from the Data and Digital Outputs Management Plan (DDOMP) template that are included in the Belmont Forum grant application process on; as a training resource to be shared with potential proposers to help define expectations for data management and/or with awardees (i.e., post-award) to identify specific elements of their data management planning efforts that may be unclear or lacking; and/or as an evaluation tool employed by the Secretariat or TPOs to access milestones and progress during mid- or end-term project review/valorization.

Training Discovery Toolkit