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Geospatial Historian

A tutorial-based open access textbook for historical scholars and digital humanists. It is designed to teach practical digital mapping and GIS skills that are immediately useful to real research needs.

They published a first series of four introductory lessons to HGIS methods using open source or free platforms like Google Maps and QGIS with the Programming Historian in 2013. They have a second series of lessons using ArcGIS for classroom use and graduate student training.

TEI-encoding of classical Arabic grammatical sources

This blog presents a project aiming at the creation of a digital collection of TEI-encoded classical Arabic texts, marking the relevant information, such as the linguistic terminology, the grammatical sources employed by grammarians, and the references.

Slavic Corpora Terminology Dictionary in TEI

The corpora linguistics research group at the Institute of Western and Southern Slavic Studies (University of Warsaw) has recently started a project collecting Slavic corpora terminology with definitions so as to be able to investigate this type of lexica.

The collected data will be stored in the form of a TEI encoded dictionary. There are already started works on Polish, Czech, Bulgarian, Slovene and Slovak terms and in the near future we will add at least Serbian, Croatian and Russian as well. There will be also provided translations into English but only within the entries as equivalents for future comparative studies.

Digitize a List of Names and Dates

For the digitization of the letters of Arthur Schnitzler the publishers provided a list of all the recipients and dates of the letters. In order to match the correct date to each letter we now want to digitize this list and put it in a nice little TEI-list, which is a relatively simple process using the transcription software Transkribus and the Oxygen XML Editor. This is a step by step guide for beginners.

In the world of hashtags

Twitter analysis on digital humanities

How to map data to RDF with Karma

This book describes how to map structured data to RDF with Karma

Working with Git

A series of short tutorial describing how to work with Git using Tortoise

How to build a digital edition web app

This series of tutorials describes one approach on how to develope a web application to publish digital editions.

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Humanities Commons - Open access, open source, open to all

A platform to connect people working in the humanities that offers an digital open-access repository for academic research and teaching material in the remit of the humanities. Only part of the content refers to digital data. 

European Holocaust Research Infrastructure (EHRI)

The section of the European Holocaust Research Infrastructure portal offers interactive and online courses in Holocaust Studies, furthermore information and useful links on Seminars and Workshops, Fellowships and Summer Schools.