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ESS EduNet is a training resource mainly developed for use in higher education. The ambition is to create a social science laboratory where theoretical questions can be explored using high quality empirical data.The resource is based on the European Social Survey. There are 10 subtopics and all of them would be useful to be included. The texts and data available from ESS EduNet are available without restrictions, for not-for-profit purposes. The producers (NSD and the ESS), the authors and the dataproducer should be cited.

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Latent variable modelling

In the analysis of a cross-national survey such as the European Social Survey (ESS), many research questions naturally involve comparisons between countries. In latent variable modelling, these questions can be formulated as multigroup models where the country of a respondent is treated as an explanatory variable for the latent variables. This allows us to examine differences between countries in the distributions of the latent constructs. Multigroup models can also be used to assess cross-national measurement equivalence, that is whether the measurement of the latent variables by the observed items is comparable across the countries. Such multigroup models are one of the topics of this module.

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Measurement errors

A simple procedure to correct for measurement errors in survey research.

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Multilevel models

Multilevel analysis has become popular in many fields of social research. This module starts with a basic introduction to OLS regression, and then continues with the more advanced technique of multilevel analysis. The author of Learning Multilevel Analysis is Kristen Ringdal, who is professor of Sociology at NTNU (the Norwegian University of Science and Technology). Ringdal has been the national coordinator for the ESS in Norway since 2001.

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Analysing cross sectional survey data using linear regression methods: A ‘hands on’ introduction using ESS data’ is by Associate Professor Odd Gåsdal of the Department of Sociology at the University of Bergen. He provides an introduction to some of the basic questions that are relevant when analysing cross sectional survey data using regression methods. Gåsdal has lectured for many years on quantitative research methods in the social sciences.

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