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Consent for data sharing resources

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Detailed guidance for researchers, with model consent form and example consent forms, on how to consider future reuse of research data as part of consent procedures with research participants. To make sure that research data, in particular qualitative data, can be made available for future reuse, it is important that consent for future reuse of the data by other researchers is sought from participants. Participants should be informed how research data will be stored, preserved and used in the long-term, and how confidentiality can be protected when needed.

Guidance considers written and verbal consent, the timing of consent, examples consent forms and wording to use, etc. 

Learning outcome(s)

You will learn:

  • why obtaining informed consent is important in a research project
  • about how to distinguish between consent for the processing of personal information from other consent processes or requirements
  • how to obtain consent from research participants.


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