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EOSC Hub Project Training Materials

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This source provides a list of training materials being developed and used during the EOSC-hub training events.


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Training Discovery Toolkit


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SSDS 2018 - Summer School on Data Science Training Materials

Training materials used for the 3rd Int'l Summer School on Data Science (SSDS 2018)

Final resource accessible here:

Training Discovery Toolkit
Training materials about common services and thematic services - D11.1

This report was published in the first year of the EOSC-hub project. The report contains information on their training program, materials. But also best practices for trainers on developing training materials, and efficiently managing training events. It also contains evaluation of solutions to create a training registry.

Training Discovery Toolkit
Workshop Report "Training in the EOSC"

This report provides recommendations regarding Rules of Participation for training as well as recommendations regarding practical guidance for training service providers. It is based on the workshop that took place from 26-28 February 2020 in The Hague, The Netherlands. The workshop was organised by DANS in collaboration with EUDAT, EGI and OpenAIRE.

Training Discovery Toolkit