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DIY Research Data Management Training Kit for Librarians

Training kit for librarians who wish to gain confidence and understanding of research data management, based on open educational materials, covering five topics:

  • Data management planning
  • Organising & documenting data
  • Data storage & security
  • Ethics & copyright
  • Data sharing

The kit uses the Research Data Mantra online course and selected exercises from the UK Data Archive. It further contains a training schedule, podcasts for short talks, presentation slides, evaluation forms, data curation profiles and reflective writing questions based on the experience of academic librarians who have taken the course.

Data Curation Profiles provide a complete framework for interviewing a researcher in any discipline about their research data and their data management practices.

RDM for librarians

Content for a three-hour introductory RDM session for librarians. The course covers:

  • Research data and RDM
  • Data management planning
  • Data sharing
  • Skills

The materials consist of presentation slides and an accompanying handbook.

UKDS training workshops, events and webinars

Training workshops, webinars and events on various data managemnet topics organised by the UK Data Service.

Slides of all events are made available on the past events pages. Recordings of webinars are made available on the UKDS YouTube channel. All can be used for training activities,.

Parthenos - For Trainers - Training Slides

The materials on this web site are intended to assist in bridging that gap, overcoming the general inclination within infrastructure projects to provide only training on tools, rather than finding effective ways to transfer a greater bulk of our experiential knowledge.

These materials are intended for reuse, so please feel free to incorporate them in to your courses and syllabi, or direct your students toward them for further learning.  Please apply a CC-BY license when you do reuse them, crediting the PARTHENOS Project and the specific lecturer by name (if a video or slide deck).

This item focuses on the training slides that are available through Parthenos.

Slides on five topics are available:

- Introduction to research infrastructures

- Management challenges in research infrastructures

- Collaborations in research infrastructures

- Manage, Improve and Open up your Research Data

- Formal Ontologies: A complete novice's guide


University of Amsterdam : research data management : basic training course for information specialists

Contains materials included in the course 'Research data management : basic training course for information specialists', developed at the University of Amsterdam

The course is broad and includes the following modules:

- Data organisation and description

- Data Services (information, advice, referral, training)

- Data sharing and reuse

- Data storage and retention

- Data management planning

- Introduction to research data

- Introduction to RDM training

- Rules concerning research data


Utrecht University : workshop data handling in R

Educational materials used in the workshop 'Data handling in R' run at Utrecht University

It focuses on raw data handling using R, though a Jupyter notebook, run on CoCalc or SURF.

Contents covered: 

- Naming conventions for files

- Ordering scripts

- Layout of scripts

- Commenting code: best practices

Eindhoven University of Technology : a basic course on research data management

Part of their series on Information Literacy and Research Data Management

An introductory module to grasp the basics of research data management, dealing with:

1) what and why research data management

2) Sharing data, making it findable and accessible

3) Caring for your data, making it usable and interoperable

Social Science Curriculum

This workshop uses a tabular interview dataset from the SAFI Teaching Database and teaches data cleaning, management, analysis and visualization. There are no pre-requisites, and the materials assume no prior knowledge about the tools. We use a single dataset throughout the workshop to model the data management and analysis workflow that a researcher would use.

DARIAH Winter School

The main topic is the evolution of publication issues in social sciences and humanities, in a context of Open Access, with the underlying goal of promoting open science through the question of open data citation.

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Data Archiving and Netwrked Seorvices (DANS) is the Netherlands institute for  permanent access to digital research resources.

Since 2005, DANS has been supporting researchers, data professionals, other data archives, research institutions and research financiers with questions in the field of data management, certification and topics such as FAIR, open access and software sustainability.

In addition to data services, DANS also offers training and consultancy.

Do you want to know more about depositing, sharing and reusing data? Or, for example, about research data management, digital sustainability, certification, FAIR, open access or software sustainability?

The expertise built up in national and European projects is reflected in the training courses and advice provided by DANS, intended for researchers, research institutions, research funders, data professionals and other archives. Examples can be found on the DANS Training site.