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Introduction to Research Data Management and Open Research

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Introduction to RDM primarily for researchers. Can be seen as primer to all other materials in this catalogue.

This presentation was delivered virtually for Botswana Open University Library on 17th May 2021 as part of a Foundational Data Stewardship Workshop. It is primarily aimed at data stewards but can also be useful to researchers and RDM service providers and should be viewed in conjunction with these two other presentations that were part of the same workshop:

  • DOI:10.5281/zenodo.4665390 (Open and Responsible Research: Roles and Responsibilities for Data Stewards)
  • DOI:10.5281/zenodo.4561728 (Developing and Implementing a Research Data Policy)
Learning outcome(s)
  • Be familiar with the curation lifecycle.
  • Understand the standardisation methods and principles available to add value to your data.
  • Learn about resources to aid your workflows.
  • Increase/encourage your level of openness.
  • Learn about data management plans and the value in implementing them.
  • Understand how data stewards integrate this knowledge 
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Shanmugasundaram Venkataraman