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Train-the-trainer concept for research data management

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As part of the project FDMentor, a German-language train-the-trainer program on research data management was created and piloted in a series of workshops. The comments and tips from the participants in the two pilot phases and the feedback from the relevant community were gradually incorporated over 2019. The second version of the train-the-trainer concept now available offers a revised script with the contents of the teaching units, detailed teaching scripts, working materials, lecture slides and numerous worksheets and templates that are intended to support teaching. The topics covered include both aspects of research data management, such as data management plans and the publication of research data, as well as didactic units on learning concepts.

German version available here: 

Learning outcome(s)

Various learning outcomes related to:

  • Didactic approaches
  • Digital research data
  • Research data policies
  • Data management plan
  • Order and structure
  • Documentation and metadata
  • Storage and backup
  • Long-term archiving
  • Access control
  • Formal framework
  • Data publication
  • Re-use of research data
  • Legal aspects
  • Institutional infrastructure
  • Training exercise
  • Concept development
  • Didactic methods
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Dominika Dolzycka