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Archive and Publish

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High-quality data have the potential to be reused in many ways. This chapter explores options for archiving and publishing data as a strategy for FAIR data, considering repository solutions, access, use and citation of data.

Focus on:

  • the difference between data archiving and data publishing
  • the benefits of data publishing
  • different data publication services, such as data journal, self-archiving, a data repository
  • selecting a data repository which fits your research data's needs
  • ways to promote published research data
  • relevant DMP questions on these topics
Learning outcome(s)

Main take-aways:

  • Understand the difference between data archiving and data publishing;
  • Be aware of the benefits of data publishing;
  • Be able to differentiate between different data publication services (data journal, self-archiving, a data repository);
  • Be able to select a data repository which fits your research data's needs;
  • Be aware of ways to promote your research data publication;
  • Be able to answer the DMP questions which are listed at the end of this chapter and adapt them to your own DMP.
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