The SSH Training Discovery Toolkit provides an inventory of training materials relevant for the Social Sciences and Humanities.

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GESIS Notebooks

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Have a Binder-Ready repository? With GESIS Notebooks, turn this repository into a persistent Jupyter environment, allowing you to continue your analysis from anywhere at any time.

This service is intended for use by social scientists. You can build and launch all binder-ready projects without logging in. If you want to have more persistent projects, you need to log in.

Intended audience

The source code of the project is freely available at our GitHub Repository and an API for launch events on GESIS Binder and on Binder Federation is available.


Title Description Collections
Analytical Information Systems

Learn about the use of programming for data analysis, data management, and statistical analysis techniques.

Training Discovery Toolkit
Meta-Analysis in Social Research

Introduction to Systematic Reviews in International Development

Training Discovery Toolkit