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A copyright game of snakes and ladders

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The aim of the game, as with the traditional snakes and ladders, is to be the first player to reach the finish square, 100, by moving across the board, following the numbers from base to top, right and left and so on.

Snakes and Ladders Cards As the game progresses, players will encounter a series of different scenarios that illustrate current issues in licensing, OERS, and copyright. If the scenario described in the card is covered by licensing or copyright(Ladder cards), the player advances to the square at the top of the ladder. If the scenario described is not covered by licensing or copyright (Snake cards), the player will be sent back down the snake to the square at the tip of the snake’s tail. In either case, the player should describe the scenario to the other players before advancing up the ladder or down the snake.Replace the card face up next to the pile.

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Annette Moore