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Data quality

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UK Data Service: Data Skills

This source includes interactive modules designed for users who want to get to grips with key aspects of survey, longitudinal and aggregate data as well as tools that can be used to assess and improve data quality. 

Modules can be conducted in your own time and you are able to dip in and out when needed. The modules give an introduction to key aspects of the data using short instructional videos, interactive quizzes and activities using open access software where possible. Tools include guides, documentation and exercises.

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Chapter on the data operations needed to prepare data files for analysis and data sharing, starting with data entry and coding of data files. Throughout the different phases of research data files will be edited numerous times. During this process, it is crucial to maintain the authenticity of research information contained in the data and prevent it from loss or deterioration, as well as a comprehensive approach to data quality.

Focus on:

  • strategies to minimise errors during the processes of data entry and data coding
  • the choice of file formats
  • managing the integrity and authenticity of data during the research process
  • a systematic approach to data quality
  • DMP questions on these topics.