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Dutch Digital Heritage Network: Training and Education

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In this project we are developing a training programme in which employees of heritage institutions gain the knowledge they need to make digital heritage visible, usable and sustainable. They can then get started with the facilities that are available in the network. We are also creating a train-the-trainer programme to ensure that there are enough professionals who can transfer the knowledge. If we want to increase the active use of digital heritage collections, we must start by making those collections permanently accessible, preferably in open formats. The relevant knowledge and expertise that is available varies from institution to institution. That is why the Digital Heritage Network strives to ensure adequate support for heritage institutions with, as yet, insufficient expertise. Everyone should be able to receive tailor-made knowledge and advice for improving the accessibility of digital heritage.

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Digitaal Erfgoed Bruikbaar (Distributed network of digital heritage information: high-level functional design)

The document describes the design of a new, cross-domain infrastructure for improving the usability of digital heritage information beyond the boundaries of archives, libraries, museums and research institutes. The design is high-level because it describes the distributed network, not for instance ist organizational or technical considerations.

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