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Managing Evidence: A CAEL Module

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In this era of evidence-driven reform, school leaders must learn to harness an array of data to drive improvement. In this module, you will explore key concepts in performance measurement, research design, and data analysis (qualitative and quantitative) to understand what can be gleaned from different sources. With your cohort, you will discuss the data you have available and learn how to draw on multiple forms of evidence to make more informed policy and programmatic decisions.

Learning outcome(s)

What you will learn:

  • Evaluate the quality of empirical research and its implications for policy or practice.
  • Apply key concepts in research design and analysis to system-level decision making.
  • Identify opportunities to generate or participate in the production of high-quality evidence to inform future policy or practice.
  • Strengthen the capacity of your system to make decisions based on high-quality evidence.
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