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Data management

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FAIR data management

Video is a talk by Anna Schwickerath (GESIS) on how to make your data findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR).

Meeting funders’ requirements – archiving and data sharing

YouTube Video: This introductory webinar is for anyone who is involved in the collection of data and is considering making (some of) their data available in accordance with funders’ requirements. This webinar aims to raise awareness about relevant key data management practices for sharing, specifically regarding data documentation, gaining consent, and data anonymisation. it provides a short theoretical introduction, including what FAIR means and how it is implemented, as well as practical illustrations drawing on a large-scale cross-national survey (the European Social Survey). It also provides some practical tips with respect to data archiving, in particular how to choose an appropriate archive or repository.

UKDS training workshops, events and webinars

Training workshops, webinars and events on various data managemnet topics organised by the UK Data Service.

Slides of all events are made available on the past events pages. Recordings of webinars are made available on the UKDS YouTube channel. All can be used for training activities.

Training materials about common services and thematic services - D11.1

This report outlines the training plan that will be delivered during the first year of the EOSC-hub project. The training program is aimed at service providers, individual researchers and research communities to use, integrate the Thematic and Common services. The training program also consists of training on data management planning and on the management of IT services (by means of the FitSM standard). An overview of training events organised in the first year of the project is provided and a registry for Training Material and Training Events is set up.

DARIAH Pathfinder to Data Management Best Practices in the Humanities

The article summarises and critiques various training provisions around best practices in Research Data Management. The article, which is openly available on DARIAH-Campus, deals with issues such as what is data in the humanities, what are the benefits of research data management, what are your options when it comes to sharing your data, leading to a recipe for Data Management Planning of your research project.