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Introduction to Research Infrastructures

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Parthenos - For Trainers - Training Slides

The materials on this web site are intended to assist in bridging that gap, overcoming the general inclination within infrastructure projects to provide only training on tools, rather than finding effective ways to transfer a greater bulk of our experiential knowledge.

These materials are intended for reuse, so please feel free to incorporate them in to your courses and syllabi, or direct your students toward them for further learning.  Please apply a CC-BY license when you do reuse them, crediting the PARTHENOS Project and the specific lecturer by name (if a video or slide deck).

This item focuses on the training slides that are available through Parthenos.

Slides on five topics are available:

- Introduction to research infrastructures

- Management challenges in research infrastructures

- Collaborations in research infrastructures

- Manage, Improve and Open up your Research Data

- Formal Ontologies: A complete novice's guide